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Golden Globes 2020: The Funniest Moments and Memes – Teen Vogue

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Awards season has officially begun, which means there will be plenty of memes to chuckle over. Golden Globes 2020 kicked things off on Sunday night, providing a number of moments turned into internet fodder. While it’s always exciting who takes home the award, what we really remember is all those Golden Globes memes, right? Check out some of our favorite from the show.

Tom Hanks’s facial expressions

Host Ricky Gervais started the night with a rocky monologue that seemed to have audience members cringing more than laughing. Actor Tom Hanks seemed to best encapsulate everyone’s feelings about the host’s jokes. It’s also reminiscent of that iconic Chrissy Teigen meme from the 2015 Golden Globes.

Ellen DeGeneres vs. Dakota Johnson

Ellen DeGeneres accepted the Carol Burnett Award, which was first presented last year in 2019. People on Twitter couldn’t help but bring up the great showdown between Ellen and Dakota Johnson that happened on Ellen’s talk show. For a quick refresher, Dakota called out Ellen for saying that she wasn’t invited to Dakota’s birthday party when she actually was. “That’s not the truth, Ellen,” the actor legendarily said. So instead of paying attention to Ellen’s speech, people were largely trotting out Dakota memes.

Ansel Elgort Singing

Ansel Elgort and Dakota Fanning co-presented the Golden Globe for Best Original Song, and the Fault In Our Stars actor decided to really go for it by singing the category name instead of just saying it. Dakota’s reaction to the entire thing was pretty priceless. I guess Ansel’s just prepping for his role in the upcoming West Side Story remake, but the internet, of course, poked some fun at the moment.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Giving a Shout Out to Barack Obama

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s very funny Fleabag took home two Golden Globes on Sunday night, and she used the second acceptance speech to show off her comedic chops. She referenced the fact that her series made it into the list of former President Barack Obama’s favorite TV shows at the end of 2019.

“Personally I would like to also thank Obama for putting us on his list,” she said. “As some of you may know, he’s always been on mine.” She was referencing the fact that her character masturbates to one of Obama’s speeches back in season one.

Scarlett Johansson Presenting Awkwafina’s Golden Globe

Awkwafina made history as the first actress of Asian descent to take home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy). It was a profound moment that then turned humorous by the fact that Scarlett Johansson was the one who presented the award and gave the star of The Farewell a hug considering ScarJo’s fraught history with whitewashing. People were quick to notice.

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