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Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) of the MCU has no doubt left an impact in his wake. While fans have eagerly awaited the long-overdue sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strangewe’ve seen Dr. Strange make appearances in Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity Warand most recently, Avengers: EndgameHis backstory is interesting as an arrogant but brilliant neurosurgeon turned sorcerer following a devastating car accident that destroys his hands (and subsequently his ability to be a doctor). From this, Dr. Strange has some strangely funny memes floating around in cyberspace, 10 of which we’ll be sharing with you today.

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10 Be Like Dr. Strange

No one likes it when spoilers are leaked. Especially in the MCU. It’s beyond taboo to spoil events or quotes, or anything really, to your fellow Marvel fans. For Dr. Strange, who’s seen the outcome of what goes down with Thanos (Josh Brolin) over 14 million times, is really impressive. Impressive specifically because despite the millions of replays and outcomes Dr. Strange has seen, he knows the one ending and still doesn’t spoil it for everyone else (even if this meme is a bit outdated, it’s still funny and still applies to future MCU films). Be like Dr. Strange.

9 When You Turn On Airplane Mode…

Let’s be honest, no one likes the constant pop-ups, commercials or any kind of ads when they’re playing a game, watching videos, etc. This is a trick developed universally to avoid all that so you can play your game or whatever in peace, which makes this meme so relatable (and funny). We feel so proud of ourselves when we find that loophole!

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Insert Doctor Strange’s “it’s a simple spell, but quite unbreakable” and we may as well feel like sorcerers ourselves (just don’t try taking down any Thanos-like problems).


8 I Can’t Really Tell If He Wants To Be Spider-Man Or He Just Likes Metal Music

The pose is perfect for this meme’s caption. Honestly, it’s a good point. Is he trying to pull a Peter Parker (Tom Holland) or is he just a huge Metallica fan? Either way, it’s still a memorable pose. He does make a promising Spider-Man, but we also wouldn’t mind running into him at Century Link Field or Madison Square Garden getting down and dirty, dancing with the other “metal-heads.” Doctor Strange can be, well, a little strange at times. Maybe it wouldn’t be so surprising to find out he’s a Spider-Man fan or a metal fan (or maybe even both). Whenever Doctor Strange 2 comes out, hopefully we’ll learn something more along these lines about the famed doctor/sorcerer’s personality.

7 When Doctor Strange Says He Wants To Bargain…

Fans have noted the similarities between Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Doctor Strange for various reasons. Their similar backstories, their arrogant personalities, the facial hair. Yet, coincidentally, the two actors in real-life have both portrayed the character of Sherlock Holmes, which makes this meme so hilarious. It’s not unbelievable to see the two squabbling over who made a better Sherlock (or who better pulls off the facial hair).

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Either way, we love them both, even if their potential competitiveness led to the next Civil War movie…something we’d all definitely go and see.

6 Camera On, Camera Off

Actors are amazing people. They can switch personalities on a dime, they make our favorite characters come to life and ensure they are believable. They make us laugh, cry, or feel as though we want to break the TV screen. In any case, this meme demonstrates this quality prominently. One minute, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange is ready for battle and the next he’s offering a softer, friendlier gaze at the crew behind the cameras. Strangely, this meme makes us think of the famed “wax on, wax off” quote as well (probably because it sounds similar).

5 If I Tell You What Happens, It Won’t Happen

Easily one of Doctor Strange’s most quotable moments, this is something we’ll apply to memes and conversations of all origins. In this particular meme, you’re fooling a younger sibling (something many of us have done in our pastimes). We can also apply this infamous quote when addressing our parents of our whereabouts, failing to give friends a heads-up about surprise destinations, and a plethora of other circumstances…the choice is yours.

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Truth be told, if you tell people something they don’t want to hear, it probably won’t happen (hence the wisdom of Doctor Strange that he’s passed onto us). Take a page from Doctor Strange and consider this your automatic response to others’ suspicious questioning–it could lead to your next adventure (or an embarrassing story, whatever comes first).


4 Are You Serious!?

This meme is just too funny (and realistic, if we’re being honest) to not include in the line-up (we love the look on Doctor Strange’s face!). We can easily see something like this happening behind-the-scenes, during a rare intermission in battles or just whenever a free moment is spared. Tony Stark would no doubt dare Peter to steal the Cloak of Levitation, and Peter would do it because hey, Tony Stark is his idol and mentor. Since Peter’s taken Captain America’s (Chris Evans) shield, he’ll take Doctor Strange’s cloak, leaving Doctor Strange annoyed (probably annoyed enough to cast some kind of spell on poor Peter). Let the shenanigans begin!

3 Nice Reality You Have There…

Obviously, we all know how fast a learner Doctor Strange is, and the magnitude of which he can use his powers. It’s no question that Stephen Strange has mastered the mystic arts as it were, which makes him a valuable asset–or imminent threat, depending on how you look at it. For the most part, Doctor Strange isn’t exactly the practical joker type and he’s just about as serious as they come.

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So, it’d take a lot for him to be tempted to mess with your reality in any way, shape or form. Bottom line? Don’t tick off the Doctor.


2 Got His Superpowers By Reading Books And Studying Hard

This is true. He also became a renowned doctor this way. Reading books and studying instead of partying does pay off; in a way, it does become your superpower when you know things most others don’t. In which case, Doctor Strange is an inspiration to us all (especially those of us still in school). The next time you feel like giving up, remember this fact about our favorite sorcerer hero. You may not get to be a master of the mystic arts, but you will be a master of book smarts just like Doctor Strange. Keep that in mind.

1 You May Be Cool…

Okay, we’re simply starstruck by this meme. Who wouldn’t be? Doctor Strange, in costume, buying a Doctor Strange comic. We’re jealous of the lucky people that got to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event. Celebrities are known for doing stuff like this for fun, to help others or for the sake of promoting their work, but if anything is the definition of cool, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch doing something like this. Obviously, it’s for the fans, so thank you, Benedict, for giving us this noteworthy moment to cherish and inevitably get psyched over for eternity!

Doctor Strange certainly possesses strangely funny memes out in the world. Even with all his power, he’s unable to remove them from cyberspace, which we prefer as they’re there for our enjoyment and entertainment, to begin with. Here’s your start, scour the internet for more and keep yourself occupied until we can make more following the release of the anticipated sequel.

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