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Crazy Bus Photo: Passenger with Unusual Trick – Did he take rapper too literally? | World – hna.de

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There is no limit to the creativity of hip-hop musicians. Did this commuter take the name of a rapper too literally?

Munich – If you travel by public transport every day, you will see a lot of strange things. Many different people use the train, bus and tram to reach their desired destination. Some are concerned. Some people still work on their laptop or read a book, many spend their time on their smartphones – and some also listen to music.

But what this photo reveals here raises puzzles. Do you recognize the "mistake" immediately? Or does the man just have a practical idea? We needed a bit, the curious on the photo but then discovered. Did you recognize it immediately?

Curious picture: Fan of 50 cents or rather earplugs replacement?

What this man does here is a mystery. Of course, there are many types of headphones since the Bluetooth devices, these are certainly not here. Clearly visible is the gentleman with the sunglasses: He has a dime piece in the ear. On the internet platform "Bored Panda", the comments roll over, with one speculating in the room, whether the man has taken a rapper too literally.

"He hears 50 cents," says the user. The multi-award-winning musician 50 Cent is also active as an actor and is known by his real name Curtis James Jackson III. The now 44-year-old has become world famous through hits like "Candy Shop" or "In da Club". But did the man in the picture think about that? Maybe his pants have no pockets, he found the coin on the ground and needed a place to stow? "He uses all possibilities. Nothing is wrong with that ", a user notes ironically.

Users continue to speculate on a bizarre picture

There are also other ideas why he has the coin in his ear. "It's a lucky charm," speculates a user. Others say that this is an earplugs replacement. Others do not mind the accessory in their ears, but rather celebrate their "3D movie glasses".

Photos from public transport are rare compared to vacation photos, but we have another ready. Because even in Munich in a subway a photo was found with a bizarre discovery. A pool photo makes for horror, many users laugh at a beach picture, while others notice nothing at first in a bizarre selfie. A lot can happen at a party or in the lecture hall. Even at a stack of books or at school, there are funny shots.

This subway recording is celebrated by fans of "hidden details" – it's also quite surprising.


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