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Selfie detail leads to mega laughs on the Internet – Photo becomes an Internet hit | Germany & World – Westphalian newspaper

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A mother takes a sweet vacation selfie with her daughter. The two don't notice what is happening in the background. It's incredible. Does the youth welfare office get involved?

Baltimore – Almost as old as the Internet itself are portals and social networks where users can share funny photos. A large number of images are uploaded to the Reddit platform every day, where some snapshots can only take full effect at second or third glance. Like this supposedly boring picture from an auditorium. or an unusual picture of a surveillance camera in a Berlin subway station.

Funny detail in the background: At first glance it looks normal

The reason for this can be, for example, an undiscovered detail in the background that can only be discovered by an attentive user and remains hidden at first glance. It is the same with this picture that has been circulating in the vastness of the World Wide Web for several years, but still makes people laugh today.

This photo drives many people crazy: "I see it and I hate it!"

What is so special about the Baltimore snapshot?

The picture shows a mother who is probably taking a picture with her daughter at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. In addition to the two cannons that were used in the past to defend the fort, the Patapsco River and the Francis Scott Key Bridge can be seen in the background.

But what is so special about this snapshot that it has been viewed over 100,000 times on Reddit and generated several hundred comments? The answer is only a few meters behind the actual protagonists of the picture.

A case for the youth welfare office? A toddler is stuck in a cannon in the background

On the left above the mother in the middle of the picture you can see one of the cannons mentioned and what is happening in front of the cannon makes for a few laughs. Because there you can see how two people try to push a toddler into the muzzle of the weapon. But why is the child being pushed with the cannon?

Is it the child's parents who are annoyed by their offspring and are looking for a creative way to get rid of it? Or do you want to take a picture yourself with the toddler as a projectile? You will probably no longer be able to find out the exact reason. Either way, the internet community can enjoy this photo detail.

Video: Father discovers uncanny detail in the picture of his children on the beach

In this picture of two friends there is also a surprising detail hidden in the background. And an unwanted guest sneaked into this Christmas crib. But at first glance, not everyone discovers this.

A photo has been circulating on Facebook for a long time: The girl in the picture is probably crying because of this detail.

A snake was found between boxes in a restaurant in Mannheim. The police had to launch a major search

A beach photo has been making people smile on the internet for a while – do you see the strange detail? Also unusual: a boy from Manchester left a message on the police car. Now he should appear in the guard.

The outburst of anger at a mother in Disney World caused outrage and incomprehension – due to a pretzel.

This stack of books looks boring – but there is a detail in it and is supposed to annoy people.

Do you immediately recognize the weird detail in this party photo? It's not the outfits …

An optical illusion has been causing a stir in the network for years – what do you see on this wall photo?

With this picture, would you have seen at first glance what is going on in the background? A woman just wanted to have a cool pool photo taken of her. In a bizarre photo, did a man take the name of a rapper too literally or simply use an ingenious trick? You decide. There is a new exciting search photo with a curious detail – this time from the "Extra Heavy" category.

There is something wrong with this photo of a hot "Catwoman" – the resolution shouldn't please everyone.


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