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These are the finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – freenet.de

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Zebras who laugh to death, terrified sea otters and a monkey couple who feels caught in sex: The nominees of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are again in 2019 to roar funny.

Comedy stars in the animal kingdom

Animals are the true comedians of the earth. At least they have far more potential to make us laugh than most mediocre cabaret artists.

Nowhere is this better than at the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Also in 2019 are among the finalists of the photo competition again various posts that spray so much joke that you can only come to a conclusion: Animals have humor – but really.

Situational comedy in the wild

For the fifth time, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, the two founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, have called for wildlife to be photographed in its funniest moments.

In fact, the photographers have caught some great moments: a brown bear keeps his seemingly buzzing skull, the little squirrel fulfills wishes with the dandelion and two monkeys look frightened as the camera catches their love play.

We see zebras laughing at death, a heron whom the rhino considers as having a urine shower, or a little lion who literally packs his daddy's balls with his balls.

Which of the 40 finalists enjoyed the most glorious jury in 2019 will be announced on November 13th. All nominees are also available in book form.

Humor for nature conservation

However, the photo contest is not just about showing how many fun moments wildlife photography has to offer.

Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam want to draw attention by the positive force of the humorous photos on the conservation of nature and species and support, for example, the Born Free Foundation.

In addition, they point out how everyone can save the planet in his everyday life a bit. For example, by buying products without palm oil, whose production endangers the rainforest.

Or prefer to use recycling instead of disposable plastic bags. Joynson-Hicks and Sullam also point out that you should reduce your own water consumption when showering or in the garden.

In addition, they call for inspiration, how to become – with small steps – a "Wild Influencer" committed to the environment.

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