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Fairy Tail: The 10 Funniest Characters (& Their Most Hilarious Quotes) – CBR – Comic Book Resources

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Fairy Tail is a feel-good anime about the power of friendship and fighting for what you believe in. But in addition to the heartfelt message it conveys, the anime also spreads joy and humor with its wacky characters such as shirtless mages, those who literally burn with passionate, and flying cats.

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From Happy’s obsession with fish to Natsu’s obsession with destroying things, to Juvia’s obsession with Gray, the characters of Fairy Tail have created hilarious and often chaotic moments that fans will never forget. Here are the ten funniest characters along with their most memorable quotes or catchphrases that define their humor.

10 Happy: “I trained and… and now I don’t always eat fish right away!”

Natsu, the main protagonist, is always giving it his all to train and become stronger, but what about his partner in crime, Happy? Happy is the talking blue cat with wings who often serves as Natsu’s biggest cheerleader and mode of transportation. Other than that, there’s not much the cat can offer on the battlefield.

After the battle against Tartaros, Natsu and Happy went off on a long journey to train before the war against Alvarez. When Happy reunited with fellow Exceed, Carla, he saw that she grew stronger with her new ability to transform into a more human-like form. Happy then claimed that he had trained too, except his training merely centered around discipline in his fish obsession.

9 Erza: “Good for you, dog-like guy!”

With her many deadly swords and reputation as one of Fairy Tail’s strongest mages, Erza initially comes across as strict and intimidating to both her opponents and allies. But as one gets to know Erza better, they’ll see another side to her that is very caring and sensitive.

During the Grand Magic Games, Erza watched as Lamia Scale’s Toby fought Kurohebi and got a little emotional when Toby finally found his long-lost sock. She didn’t even know his name and yet she was still brought to tears by the heartwarming reunion, saying, “Good for you, dog-like guy!”

8 Natsu: “I need stuff to break. I did all that training to get stronger, and for what?!”

Natsu has a good head on his shoulders as someone who would never back down to protect his friends, but there are still some parts of him that are very irrational and reckless. For example, he has the worst habit of destroying things.

Most of the time, Natsu accidentally destroys buildings or towns as part of the aftermath of a serious battle against enemies. Other times, he’ll destroy the Fairy Tail building in a friendly rumble with his guildmates. It all seems accidental out of carelessness, but Natsu himself once revealed that his urge to break stuff was no accident and that he wanted to use his newfound strength for the purpose of breaking things.

7 Frosch: “Fro thinks so, too!”

Frosch is the little green cat dressed as a pink frog with no battle potential but a lot of love to give. It is not only Rogue’s Exceed companion but also a very close friend of Lector, a fellow Exceed cat.

Because Frosch is very weak, it mostly accompanies Rogue and Lector for the sake of lending them emotional support. Whenever Rogue or Lector say anything, Frosch will not throw in its own two cents, and instead, it will simply agree with its friends by saying, “Fr0 thinks so, too!”

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6 Jason: “Cool!”

Unlike most of the characters in Fairy Tail, Jason possesses no magical powers, but that’s what makes the reporter so special. Because he himself cannot use magic, he is extremely fascinated by anything remotely magical or out of the ordinary such as Happy’s blue fur.

As the reporter of Sorcerer Magazine, Jason is very enthusiastic about his job and it showed a lot when he met the Fairy Tail guild for some interviews. He took interest in everything from Erza’s requip magic, to Natsu’s destructive habit, to Gajeel’s musical performance, all of which Jason referred to as “cool!”

5 Aquarius: “Do not call me for a while. I will be on vacation for a week with my boyfriend. With my boyfriend.”

Aquarius is one of the many Celestial Spirits whose key was held by Lucy. But despite Lucy’s ownership of Aquarius’ key, the two females have a love-hate relationship that resembles the bond of two petty sisters.

Many times when Lucy summoned Aquarius for battle assistance, Aquarius would get the job done but not without feeling annoyed or angry at her key holder. At the end of one battle, Aquarius told Lucy not to summon her for a week because she would rather spend time with her boyfriend. Her emphasis on mentioning her boyfriend twice was a personal attack on Lucy who never had one.

4 Gajeel: “I’m shooby doo bopping, you jerk!”

After Gajeel brutally attacked the Shadow Gear team of Fairy Tail, it seemed as though he would always be a cold-hearted villain. However, once he was recruited into Fairy Tail by Makarov, Gajeel had a change of heart in which his humorous side came out.

As a way to lighten the mood and ease the tension between him and his new guildmates, Gajeel shocked everyone with a special musical performance. Still angered and fired up, Natsu interrupted Gajeel’s heartfelt “shooby doo booping” with rude remarks, which inevitably led to a fistfight between the two Dragon Slayers.

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3 Ichiya: “Men!”

Blue Pegasus’ Ichiya is a very confident man in how he looks and receives praise from his guildmates, Hibiki, Ren, and Eve, but in reality, he is a bit peculiar in ways he does not realize himself.

As the leader of The Trimens, Ichiya encourages his team of handsome mages to act like proper gentlemen, hence his simple catchphrase, “men!” The gentlemen mentality has been so strongly instilled in Ichiya’s mind that he will often shout “men!” in any random context, such as when he is attacking in the midst of battle, when he does something stylishly, or even when he’s stressed.

2 Juvia: “It’s the anniversary of the first time Gray-sama and Juvia met, 413 days ago.”

When Juvia was still a part of the Phantom Lord guild, her mood was severely gloomy, to the point where she caused rain to fall everywhere she went. But ever since she met Gray, she became a much more cheerful and funny girl.

She turned so optimistic that she now lives by the philosophy that each and every day is something to celebrate. On the 413th day since Juvia met Gray, she decided to do something special for their “anniversary.” She put all her love and effort into making a scarf that Gray would enjoy, despite the fact that there was nothing special about knowing each other for 413 days.

1 Toby: “It was right here all this time?!”

Toby of Lamia Scale can best be described as the shirtless dog-like mage who can be quite foolish at times. He arguably has some of the funniest moments in Fairy Tail as a side character, but his greatest moment was the lost sock incident.

During his battle against Kurohebi in the Grand Magic Games, he lost the match and therefore had to share a secret with his opponent. Toby shocked the entire stadium when he said he lost his beloved sock. Kurohebi showed Toby that his lost sock was in fact hanging around his neck the entire time. Toby had no clue it had been there all along, but he truly enjoyed his five seconds of happiness before Kurohebi savagely burnt the lost sock to crisps.

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