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Christmas Movies: 10 Memes That Are Too Hilarious | ScreenRant – Screen Rant

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It’s the time of year when it’s cold, snowy in some places, and the anticipation of Christmas is getting bigger with each passing day. To get into the holiday spirit, many people enjoy curling up with a sweet or funny Christmas movie. Whether it’s a classic like Elf or Home Alone or a cheesy Hallmark film, there are tons to watch while snow falls outside and the tree lights sparkle.

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Thankfully, people have created some really funny memes based on these seasonal movies. Grab an eggnog latte (or a peppermint mocha if that’s more your style) and check out these 10 hilarious memes.

10 Is That Too Much To Ask?

Anyone who has gotten lost in the world of a Hallmark Christmas movie can relate to this hilarious meme. There’s something so soothing about the storylines that are often very similar to one another, whether it’s a woman visiting her hometown and falling in love with an old flame or trying to save a beloved small family business.

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If you could live in this type of movie where everyone is full of cheer and there’s always hot chocolate and eggnog and you can always fall in love, wouldn’t that be amazing?

9 Coffee Is Magical

This hilarious meme takes the famous line from Elf where Will Ferrel’s character says “Smiling’s my favorite” and imagines that Buddy is saying it about coffee. We can definitely see ourselves quoting this meme because this is always going to be a true and relevant statement.

Sure, we might want our coffee to be in the form of seasonal lattes right around now, since Starbucks starts getting into the spirt in November, but the sentiment is still the same. Coffee is always there for us, and we’re going to need to drink a lot of it to get through the holiday rush, from working hard before taking time off to picking out those perfect presents.

8 The Holiday Struggle Is Real

Speaking of working hard… This hilarious meme, once again based on the brilliant movie Elf, is saying what everyone is thinking in November and December.

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No matter how much you love your job and no matter how much you look forward to working every day, there’s a part of you that can’t help but dream of a world where it could be all Christmas, all the time. It’s tough to focus when you want to decorate the tree, buy some new ornaments, buy gifts, bake Christmas cookies, and the list goes on.

7 Time To Cancel… Again

For so many people, the holiday season is crazy busy. There are family gatherings, work parties, and other events to attend, and everyone is busy making plans to see loved ones. It’s just that time of year when everyone is in a super social mood and wants to get together.

And yet… sometimes you get tired. Or you’re burnt out from too much socializing. And what you really want is to sit at home and watch a Christmas movie (or your favorite TV show) and hide from the freezing cold weather. This hilarious meme which features the Grinch sums that up well.

6 Tis The Season

While of course you can watch Love Actually any time of the year, there’s something special and meaningful about watching it at Christmas since it’s one of the most popular holiday movies. This meme is perfect and sums up what so many people say once Halloween is finished with and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas: a viewing of this lovely movie isn’t far behind.

Sure, you could put your favorite holiday flick into this meme and it would still be funny… but so many people re-watch Love Actually that this feels like the perfect pick.

5 It’s Exam Time

This Elf-inspired meme brings up a super important point: for many people, the holiday season is also exam time, and that means cramming while also trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Whether we’re currently in school or looking back on those days, we can relate to this meme as we’ve all sat down and realized that the exam was going to be super hard.

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In the movie, Buddy says to Artie Lange’s character who is dressed up as Santa, “You sit on a throne of lies.” He follows that up with, “You’re a fake.” It’s one of the funniest scenes, but honestly, the whole movie is full of gems like that interaction, so it’s tough to pick the best lines.

4 What Do You Think?

It’s a long-standing debate: is Die Hard a Christmas movie? While many people say yes, there seems to be just as many people who say no. But everyone can agree that it’s one of the greatest action movies out there.

No matter where someone falls on this important question, one thing is for sure: it’s an awesome film to watch anytime, especially when it’s cold outside and you don’t want to leave your house for a while.

3 Yes

Christmas Vacation is one of the best classic holiday films, and this meme couldn’t be funnier. Whenever someone asks this question, the answer is always yes, of course.

While this meme is a funny reminder of this awesome flick, it’s also relatable since so many people witness their family members standing on ladders and trying to put up Christmas lights and other decorations. Things can get dangerous and fast, and everyone has had the experience of watching someone on a ladder while feeling super nervous for them.

2 Which One?

There may be new holiday films every single year, but only a few are truly considered classics. These are the films that are staples of the season and that people re-watch no matter how many times they’ve already seen them. You memorize the lines, you know the funniest parts, and you always feel all warm and cozy.

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This hilarious meme poses the question, which one of these five famous films is your absolute favorite? Every main character’s expression is so intense that you can’t help but laugh.

1 It’s Going To Happen

Finally, we have this hilarious meme that speaks to all of our hearts. Yes, we love Hallmark movies. Yes, we try our best not to cry. And no, we’re not able to get through a whole movie without tearing up at least a few times.

These made-for-TV movies have become a big part of the holiday season, and like hot cocoa and falling snow, it seems like they’re here to stay as more and more films seem to be made each year. We’re totally here for it… and we can’t wait to watch one tonight.

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