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Friends: 10 Chandler and Monica Memes That Are Too Funny – Screen Rant

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Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Courteney Cox) are quite possibly the best couple to emerge from Friends. Starting out as friends, the two become something more while in London to attend Ross’s (David Schwimmer) wedding to Emily (Helen Baxendale). From there, nothing is ever the same for these two. They date in secret for some time, with the remainder of their friends gradually finding out along the way. They have their struggles (especially commitment-phobe Chandler), but manage to come out stronger because of it, finding a happily ever after by the series’ end. In that time, the two have had some funny moments; 10 of which we’re presenting here in the form of Chandler and Monica’s 10 funniest memes.

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10 When Chandler’s Romantic

The funny thing about this meme is the moment that happens right after Chandler confesses why he wants a certain band to play at his and Monica’s wedding. Monica, hoping she can get Chandler to change his mind about the band, does everything she can to dissuade him–until he tells her the band means so much because it was the moment he realized Monica was meant for him. Her initial reaction is far from pleased, as she realizes the band means more than her perfect wedding dress. They don’t always make sense as individuals, but together, they do.

9 Wait A Second…

Speaking of the band Chandler wanted at his wedding, one fan noted how this apparently didn’t come to be. In this image, another band’s name is displayed in the background. Did this mean Monica couldn’t forfeit her perfect dress for Chandler’s music preferences? It’s not hard to believe, considering how set she was on the dress. Maybe Chandler let go of the band to make his future wife happy? Whatever happened here, it’s funny that even after Chandler’s sweet moment, it seemingly wasn’t enough to swing Monica enough to change her mind.

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8 The Humor Of A Serious Moment

Monica pushes Chandler for a baby quite often following their marriage. Sometimes you can tell it may be getting old for him, especially when he begins to worry about their finances and how a baby will be factored into it. In this particular meme, we see Chandler’s always present and sarcastic humor rear its head, making us laugh in turn. It doesn’t exactly deter Monica, but it made for a funny moment–and a funny meme.

7 You Know I Was Thinking…

The funny component of this meme is how clueless Monica is in the moment when Chandler is trying to suggest they live together and take the next step in their relationship. This is a big deal, considering Chandler is usually afraid of any kind of commitment. Ironic, too, as Monica plays the oblivious one. Talk about the shoe on the other foot. Still, all the big steps can’t all be up to Monica. Not only is this moment funny, but also a good portrayal of how far Chandler has come into maturity since starting a relationship with Monica.

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6 Life’s Screw Ups As An Art Form

Chandler, like any other human being, has flaws. Sometimes his sarcasm and jokes are ill-timed and unappreciated. Still, it’s his coping mechanism for the good times, hard times and everything in-between. Monica seems to fall right into it, albeit with some tranquility. She rolls with the punches and appreciates Chandler’s humor like no one else does, or can. In a way, Chandler’s humor becomes her coping mechanism too. The funny thing is how true this meme is, but at the same time, it’s also a part of why Chandler and Monica’s relationship works so well.

5 You’re Just Jealous

One of the funniest occurrences on the show is when the gang goes to Barbados and Monica’s hair turns incredibly frizzy because of the humidity. All of them are consistent in making fun of Monica’s hair, especially Chandler. To resolve her problem, Monica gets a new hairdo that she loves, but everyone else hates–especially her husband. Chandler feels a lot of things about Monica’s hair–jealousy is clearly not one of them, especially when he can see so much of his wife’s scalp.

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4 Monica Bang

Perhaps the writers knew that Monica and Chandler were meant to be together. The meme references an episode in which Monica and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) are left to babysit Ross’s young son Ben, and while playing with Ben, Monica has an accident in which she bangs her nephew’s head. The two struggle to hide it from Ross, but Ben gives them away with “Monica Bang.” Perhaps Ben was psychic? It’s intriguing how these things work out. After all, Monica Bang did become Monica Bing…

3 Take The Picture

While taking their engagement pictures, Monica and Chandler struggle to get a good one. For the life of him, Chandler can’t manage to smile without looking like he’s having a seizure. Even Joey’s (Matt LeBlanc) constant lessons in teaching Chandler how to smile can’t pay off. Taking a picture is just impossible, considering Chandler seems to become a totally different person whenever he’s in front of the camera. The hilarity of the meme lies within the priceless expression on Chandler’s face.

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2 The Future Mother-In-Law

Chandler and Monica are always running into Janice (Maggie Wheeler). She’s a recurring nuisance in their lives, literally a skeleton in Chandler’s closet that keeps reappearing, almost haunting them in a way. They run into her when they least expect it, which makes this meme believable–and therefore, uproarious. If there ever is a Friends revival, we wouldn’t mind seeing a moment like this just to see Monica and Chandler’s reactions and another famous “Oh. My. God.

1 It Goes…

This meme may not contain much hilarity, but it does contain a significant amount of tenderness. Monica and Chandler’s love is true, pure and real: nothing else trumps it or undermines it. This meme demonstrates just how much of a solid foundation their relationship is built upon; not only are they a couple, but best friends. They get one another, support one another and will do anything for one another. Careers and anything trivial in life comes last. Their relationship contains a fair bit of humor (Chandler is a part of it, after all), but at the end of the day, their relationship is sweet, meaningful and fairly enviable for the rest of us.

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