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US reels after mass shootings: Live updates – CNN

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A longtime friend of Dayton shooter Connor Bett’s said the gunman practiced firing weapons at a local shooting range.

The friend, who requested anonymity for privacy reasons, said he had known Betts for more than 10 years and occasionally went to the Shoot Point Blank range with Betts. The last time was a few months ago.

He said Betts owned three or four guns, including an AR-15 pistol, and another pistol.

The friend said he had no reason to believe Betts would ever do anything violent with the weapons. 

“We would play basketball, go to the gym, drink together, smoke weed together,” he said. “The Connor I knew was a funny guy, he was charming, he was fun to be around. He had a dry sense of humor but he was funny.”

He described Betts as a “heavy drinker,” but said he never saw any signs that Betts had violent tendencies. The last time he said the two got together was for drinks on the 4th of July. 

“I am completely shocked to think he is capable of something like this,” he said, adding the two were closest throughout high school.

CNN on Wednesday visited the Shoot Point Blank range and the declined comment, referring inquiries to the range’s corporate offices. Calls to corporate were not immediately returned.  

Scott Bronstein contributed reporting

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