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Advent door action at the Citipost in Osnabrück – New Osnabrück newspaper

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Postage stamps were made by Citipost apprentice Luisa Schiller for the children when they visited the sorting and dispatch center of the mail distribution company. The 20-year-old initially made funny photos of the girls and boys who put on the recordings on request, a red cap and / or were allowed to hold an original staff mask in front of the face.

Afterwards, the photos were inserted into the template for a postage stamp in a computer program and then twelve of them were printed as a gift for the children. Because the photo stamps can be used quite regularly for franking mail, some of the girls and boys decided to use them right at their Christmas mail this year.

While visiting the postal company's facilities, another special feature awaited the children: After Citipost sales representative Frank Seveker had explained to them what steps were required to ensure that letters and other items arrived at the right recipients, the children were allowed to post a postcard to themselves , write to her parents or another addressee and then help to get them ready for shipment.

1000 delivery areas only in the region

The shipments are either split up for transport to other cities and regions and then taken to other sorting and shipping centers with which Citipost works. Shipments destined for recipients in the region are split into individual streets and delivery areas when sorted so they can be picked up by postmen and put into post boxes. According to Seveker, there are 1000 such delivery areas in the city and country of Osnabrück alone.

For the sorting of the post large machines are used, which recognize postcodes and convey the items automatically into the boxes for the onward transport or the compartments for the mail deliverers. The machines are much faster than people: According to Seveker, they can sort up to 40,000 shipments per hour, taking a picture of each shipment and storing it to track where it is.

As the 51-year-old Seveker explained to the children, letters that remain in the region arrive the very next day. In more remote areas of Germany, they need two days, and within four or five days, destinations around the world can be reached.

The visit to Citipost concluded with a guessing game in which Seveker asked about the age of the postal company of our newspaper, which celebrates its 15th anniversary next year. Felix (8) had correctly remembered the age previously mentioned by Seveker – for his direct hit he was even rewarded with several bars of chocolate. Of course, the other children were happy too – there were little presents for all to say goodbye.

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