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Best Entertainment: Saša Stanišic at the LesArt Festival – Nordbayern.de

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The book prize winner guest in Ansbach and Schwabach with his current work "Origin"

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It is currently fashionable to complain about the "waterglass reading". Literature must be taught differently, performance is in demand, something interactive, or rather a conversation instead of pure literature? Saša Stanišic, freshly baked carrier of the German Book Prize, punishes them all lies.

Saša Stanišic in Ansbach.

© Photo: Martina Kramer

Saša Stanišic in Ansbach.

Photo: Photo: Martina Kramer

Saša Stanišic is standing in the Karlshalle in Ansbach, he has a water glass. And he entertains the audience in the packed room from the first minute, with anecdotes, comments on their own writing, a reading that is more narrative and sounds the way you feel when reading his latest book, "Origin": Ein smart friend tells the world how he sees and sees her. One and a half hours of best entertainment. Go then.

The organizers of the "LesArt" festival, which is currently running in Ansbach, Lauf and Schwabach, had a good nose when, as the organizer in Ansbach recounts, they contacted the publisher in January. The fact that the announced novel was one of the best books of this year could only be guessed by the editor. Now Saša Stanišic, who was born in Bosnia, fled to Germany with his parents at the age of 14, writing a mirror to the current Europe of frightened nationalists, a star.

Handke remains topic

This also has to do with his acceptance speech to the German Book Prize in October in Frankfurt: Stanišic said very clearly his opinion on the new Nobel laureate Peter Handke, who had taken a very clear position since the 90s on the part of the Serbs to the Bosnian war. Meanwhile, Stanišic, son of a Muslim Bosnian and a Serbian father, no longer wants to give interviews on the subject. But he tweets about it almost daily (and posts amusing photos from Ansbach and Schwabach in between); The fact that Handke criminally relativizes the genocide of the Bosnians and places himself on the side of the nationalist Serbs not only in his texts, but also through numerous visits and actions, is out of the question for him. No word about it but at the readings. The mostly cheerful, youthful 41-year-old comes – as always – with tank top on the stage, tells how he actually strayed in the manageable Ansbacher Hofgarten while jogging and a local Uwe (Thanks!) Helped out. "Here are joggers addressed friendly, that's great!".

So the evening goes on. Stanišic is actually a master of the short form, his book is a glittering chain of childhood and adolescent stories that began golden – in the Bosnian Višegrad – and continued bleakly – in Heidelberg as a refugee. For Ansbach, the passionate football fan who soon transferred his love for Red Star Belgrade to the HSV seeks out the more anecdotal texts, not the almost mystical background of his family and the thoughtful lyrics about the origin and future of the book worth reading Amalgam of experienced and thoughtful.

He tells how he joined the national youth relay race as a young boy – and at the crucial moment had to pee so badly that the big event became a torment; how he drove with fluttering red-and-white scarf to the game Red Star against Bayern in 1991 to Belgrade – and nothing of the decisive goal mitbekam because "the whole stadium stood, maybe even the whole country stood together for the last time together behind a thing."

Stanišic has much more to tell, he tells well, with humor and wisdom. Who has such open, entertaining authors, can confidently put on the water glass reading.

The LesArt takes place until Sunday, 10. November.

Information: www.kubiss.de/lesart/


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