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Dogs: 5 fatal mistakes make many owners unconscious – VIP News

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Who holds a dog, quickly realizes that more than cuddling and bumping belongs. In everyday life, owners can make many mistakes with which they can do great harm to their "best friend". A pet expert explains the pitfalls dog owners should use.

1. The alpha male trap for dog owners

Many owners think that they have to behave in a particularly authoritarian manner in order to educate dogs. Moira Gerlach, a pet adviser to the German Animal Welfare Association, sees this critically: "The fact that humans have to be the 'alpha animal' to the dog and even physically enforce it if necessary is an outdated view." In her opinion, it could even lead to a strained human-dog relationship.

2. The food trap can be dangerous for dogs

For humans harmless treats can be very dangerous for dogs. These include, according to Gerlach chocolate, coffee, grapes, raisins, avocados, onions and garlic. They can cause symptoms such as vomiting, tremors and diarrhea.

In addition, you should always pay attention to the right amount even with regular dog food – no matter how hungry your four-legged friend is. Gerlach explains: "Obesity in dogs can lead to serious health problems and shorter life expectancy."

3. The toilet trap in dogs

If the dog is not housebroken, punishment according to the expert does not help. She explains instead, "Instead of dealing with the dog, you should bring it out and reward it if it completes its business there."

According to the expert, puppies are best housebroken by taking them outside at regular intervals – even at night. At the beginning about every two hours, later the distances can be longer.

4. The puppy protection trap

That young dogs are under "puppy protection" is, according to Gerlach a misconception. How an adult dog reacts to a puppy is very individual. It depends among other things on whether the dog actually belongs to the dog group or the pack.

5. The "Petfluencer" trap in dogs

Gerlach strongly advises against "humanizing" animals, thus putting clothes on or bringing them into situations that cause feelings of stress or anxiety in them. To make supposedly "funny" clips or photos and to use the animal as an advertising accessory, means stress and suffering for the four-legged friend.

You have to take this into account in cats

Even with the cats, there are, similar to dogs, to observe certain things in the attitude. For example, some cat owners tend to over-feed their pets if they mew only briefly. The veterinarian warns: "The cat realizes that Maunzen is following food and as a result she will always terrorize her in the future if she fancies food."

In what other cases you can fall and how they can avoid this, you will learn in the video.

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