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Good comedy movies to die for laughing – TV Prime

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Sometimes there's nothing better than laughing out loud, right? Completely forget the problems and cling only to good and funny things. Well, in this task some movies can help with mastery, and have comedy for many tastes!

The White

If you haven't watched this movie don't know what you're missing, we might consider this a "politically incorrect" comedy that tells the story of two FBI detective brothers who need a disguise, and they choose the "best" possible: two little patricians . The movie is hilarious and has several moments that will make you cry with laughter.


If you drink, don't marry!

"If you drink, do not marry!" Was so successful that they released a lot of sequences later, and they are good, but they do not come to the feet of the first did not see. If you want to be sure of constant laughter, watch the 2009 production and then venture into its successors. The story comes when four friends decide to have a big bachelor party in Las Vegas, the problem is that the next day they wake up and do not remember anything that happened, much less the whereabouts of the groom, now what?

The Night of the Game

Oops, we have a friend meeting again, but the thing here is a little different. It's just a game night, no big deal, right? Well, it was all right until the night they decided to use the kidnapping and mystery theme. That's because the party organizer has been kidnapped for real, but nobody knows that, for them it's all a big joke. This situation that ends up producing for us unforgettable scenes. It is very worth spending a few minutes with this movie.


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