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Gudensberger Christmas market was a real crowd puller | Gudensberg – hna.de

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The Gudensberg Christmas market attracted numerous visitors to the city on the weekend. At 45 booths they could stock up on Christmas decorations.

With cold breath and a hot heart it was easy to stroll over the Gudensberger Christmas market. Already at the entrance two funny turrets showed how the inhabitants sled over the roofs in the snow. Right next to it, Santa's white sleigh was parked with impunity. Gladly he was used for selfies and funny photos as by Fabian and Marlon Hoffmann. Around the mansion, small shops lined up, mostly run by clubs and initiatives. It was a pleasure to let the beautiful, homemade things linger.

In between, the Red Cross youth group promoted their work with the Wheel of Fortune. The ice cream parlor had adapted and sold skewers directly from the grill.

In the Civic Hall there was a craft market. 45 stands were approved and market manager Melanie Röder has already requested applications for the coming year. Only progressively, this rush went ahead. In the middle of the state of elementary school Obervorschütz. Many little things, such as waxed candles, offered the children. Those who wanted to relax for a while climbed up three steps into the reading car outside. At the door Petra Haratik and Stefan Spahn promoted the media center, inside Hilla Kräling read to children and adults.

Meanwhile, on the big stage, the band "Fajini musyky" from the sister city Shchyrez had ended. Built up were timpani, a concert xylophone and many new percussion instruments. They were acquired as part of the project "Percussion Ensemble" under the direction of Rainer Hartl.

Many institutions participated financially and organizationally. The EU also gave funds. Martin Salfer, chairman of the "Original Chattengauer", was proud to announce the first appearance of the formation "Per.Chatten".

The musicians with the amazing age range of five to 19 years let the xylophone classic "Circus Renz" sound. Almost there are the horses with rocking headdress to see how they gallop around the manege. Even the youngest, always focused, always hit the right note. This happy, stirring drums will be the future Gudensberger sound.

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