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Irrational detail on lecture hall photo is not noticeable to many at first – tz.de

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It actually looks incredibly boring, the lecture-room photo, which causes laughter on the net. But one detail has it all.

San Luis Obispo / USA – The Internet is always good for Schmunzler. Funny characters, screenshots of classified ads negotiations or thoughtful sayings are shared with images. Also for years economy have photos with details that you do not see at first. And blow away the more you notice them.

The highlights include a smooch-like selfie of a couple that contains something bizarre. And also a lecture-room-photo, which first appeared at Reddit a long time ago. "In my mechanical engineering lecture this morning. One of these things is not like the others, "the user writes.

Video: Lecturer plays porn in the lecture hall

And many do not even realize what he means. "Embarrassingly long" he needed, writes a user. "Far longer than I should have. But now I can not stop laughing "another. Another looked at the laptop in the foreground and thought that the reflection was special. "I thought it was on the laptop," someone says.

The solution: a dog! In the middle of the lecture hall!

The solution: A dog is sitting in the middle of the lecture hall! He seems to pursue the lecture more concentrated than anyone around him. See it now?

One user even provided details, which are of course not confirmed: According to the photo was taken at the University of San Luis Obispo (California), it was the dog of the professor named Wally. "Wally definitely revived our 7:40 o'clock lecture."

There was also a photo of enthusiasm that shows the former actors of the cult series "Friends".

A German TV star disgraced herself with a bikini photo. A beach photo has been making fun of the web for a while now – do you see that curious detail?

This stack of books looks stinking boring – but a detail has it all and should annoy the people.

Do you immediately recognize the weird detail on this party photo? It's not the outfits …

Would you have seen at first glance what is going on in the background? A woman just wanted to have a cool pool photo made of herself. In a bizarre photograph, did a man take the name of a rapper too literally, or just use a genius trick? Decide.


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