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Oblique Selfie: Funny detail on this photo is hardly anyone on | World – fnp.de

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Do you see it without help? There is a photo circulating on the Internet that contains a fun little detail – but it takes a lot of eternity to find it.

Munich – Every day countless photos are made worldwide. Many have succeeded, others less. And some go backwards because they contain details that only attract attention in retrospect.

Snog-Selfie goes around the world: funny detail attracts attention only very late

That's what happened to a mom who panicked when she took a closer look at a picture. And a US student embarrassed herself for forgetting something in the bedroom. On both the "surprise" was well hidden.

For a long time, most viewers also need a photo that appears in various lists of images that contain hidden trifles – such as Bored Panda, And also at Reddit was discussed. It has been circulating for years with the remark "I had six years on my fridge until I noticed it" – that this supposed background info is authentic, is questionable. But the fact is: very many observers need a very, very long time, until they notice what is wrong. The situation is similar with another image that circulates on the Internet.

"I was so focused on the window light on the left," writes a user who only noticed the funny detail afterwards. "Oh damn, that's good" another.

Video: Selfie by Paris Jackson makes everyone crazy

Selfie gives up puzzles: "I still do not see it. TELL ME!!!"

Others even capitulate: "I'm either too blind or too drunk (or both!) To see it, but what should I look for?" They write. Or implore: "I still do not see it. TELL ME!!!"

The resolution is quite simple: a face looks out from under the duo, who poses for a selfie together with a cheek kiss. A boy crashed the selfie. Did you recognize it without help?

A star has recently made a rather embarrassing photo glitch.

An auditorium photo shows a delicious detail, but at first only very few people notice.

A beach photo has been making fun of the web for a while now – do you see that curious detail?

Do you immediately recognize the weird detail on this party photo? It's not the outfits …

Will we get white Christmas in Germany in 2019? Meteorologists dared a first forecast.

Would you have seen at first glance what is going on in the background? A woman just wanted to have a cool pool photo made of herself.


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