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Photo makes a lot of Internet users wrong – because here's what's wrong | World – Merkur.de

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A small detail on a photo triggers violent reactions in the network. For many viewers it is the purest nightmare. But only the headline lets the users go crazy.

  • In the net, a photo has emerged that drives many people crazy
  • The disturbing detail is hardly recognizable at first glance – but then you can not look away anymore.
  • A user is so unnerved that he suggests a drastic solution

It is these photos that look normal at first glance. But on the net all images are subjected to a critical examination – and sometimes one or the other falls into this curious detail on. Luckily, there are always a lot of comments that point to bugs in the picture or funny details – because Often it is barely recognizableWhat should be so funny or strange?

Photo on the Internet makes a number of users crazy – because something is not right

So also in this picture: Many observers probably did not notice the minimal deviation. But now the picture landed on reddit, with the headline "You thought well, nobody would notice …", and henceforth drives quite a few users almost insane.

You probably thought no one would notice … from r / one job

For people who like to be tidy, it may be difficult to see this picture – For pedants, it is the purest nightmare,

Do you see it?

Tile photo at Reddit bothers some: One detail is missing

First of all, you only see a lot of gray dots on a white background, it is a tiled floor. But on closer inspection, one notices: Despite the many, many gray tiles, there is indeed one too few, Relatively centered in the picture was thePattern broken and a gray dot omitted – found food for the net!

It seems to be a party photo like so many: a woman and a man posing. But do you immediately see the weird detail?

Missing photo detail makes user crazy: "I hate it"

How much that bothers some people is clear when you read the comments below the picture: "I will carry a pencil in my pocket, if I ever come to this place," a user writes in reference to the fact that he is the gray Point would probably simply paint afterwards. "I just got hypertension", "The is yes horrible"," I see it and I hate it"," Once you've seen it, you can not see it anymore "and"To go crazy"Are just a few of the other comments.

Video: Top 5 – the craziest pictures and their genesis

Photo causes a stir at Reddit – users with a drastic solution

While there are some who join the pencil idea and would like to blacken the point later, a particularly unnerved user has a far more drastic solution to the problem ready: "Just throw away the whole store." What the tiler probably thought?

Again, it's just a small – but piquant detail: A daughter overlooks a slippery detail on holiday photo with her boyfriend and sends it to her mother.


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