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Supposedly normal picture with curious detail – many do not even notice it World – tz.de

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It looks like a normal picture of mother and daughter. But a detail in the background of this snapshot causes the Internet to go wild.

Baltimore – Almost as old as the Internet itself are portals and social networks where users can share funny photos with each other. For example, the Reddit platform uploads a myriad of images every day, with some snapshots showing their full potential only for a second or third look. Like, for example, this supposedly boring picture from an auditorium.

Funny detail in the background: At first glance, it looks quite normal

The reason for this can be, for example, an undiscovered detail in the background that can only be detected by an attentive user and remains hidden at first glance. So it is with this picture that has been circulating for several years in the expanse of the World Wide Web, but still provides for laughs today.

The picture shows a mother who probably makes a picture with her daughter at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. In addition to the two cannons, which were probably used in earlier days to defend the fort, you can still see in the background, the Patapsco River and the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

But what's so special about this snapshot that he has been viewed on Reddit over 100,000 times and has generated several hundred comments? The answer is only a few meters behind the actual protagonist of the picture.

The solution: In the background a toddler is put into a cannon

On the left side above the mother in the middle of the picture, one of the cannons mentioned can be seen and what happens in front of the cannon makes for some laughs. Because there you can see how two people try to push a toddler into the mouth of the weapon. But why is the child pushed with his feet ahead of the cannon?

Supposedly normal picture with funny detail

Is it the parents of the child who are annoyed by their offspring and are looking for a creative way to get rid of it? Or do you also want to take a picture yourself with the toddler as a projectile in focus? The exact reason you will probably not be able to find out now. Either way, the Internet community can enjoy this photo detail but delicious.

Also in this picture of two friends hides a surprising detail in the background.


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