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Last Man Standing is always full of some incredibly funny lines, and its star, comedian Tim Allen, has never been afraid to tell it like it is, and there is a lot of that kind of humor in the show. The fact that this show puts a very humorous spin on some very controversial topics is probably part of the reason why it is so popular.

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One thing that might have boosted its popularity was the fact that it was canceled back in 2017, despite being quite popular. But audiences were soon treated to Allen’s straightforward humor again when the show was brought back. Here are some of the best lines that have come from the series so far.

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10 Look Both Ways For Johnny Law, Then Floor It.

The youngest Baxter daughter, Eve, says this line to her father when they are discussing how to drive. Eve might be more mature than others her age in some areas, but driving is definitely not one of them.

In an episode called “Driving Lessons,” Eve is learning how to drive, and that is why she says this line. This is an episode that mainly focuses on the fact that Eve does not share as strong of a bond with her mother, Vanessa, as she does with her father, Mike. Since that is the case, Mike wants Vanessa to be the one to teach her how to drive.

9 How Is Mike Pretending To Be Angry, Scary, And Unstable Good For Our Website?

Mike’s boss, Ed, says this line to one of the other main characters in the show, Kyle. Anyone who has watched this show knows that one of the main parts of it is Mike’s famous Outdoor Man Vlog, which is mostly a bunch of recordings of him ranting about whatever political issue is on his mind, all while trying to sell some of the products that are offered at Outdoor Man.

In the videos, Mike appears to be rather angry, which is why Ed says this line. But this vlog actually proves to be rather good for the store, so Ed lets him continue doing it.

8 You Can’t Keep Sleeping On My Couch. I Want The Memory Foam To Have A Chance To Forget About You.

Mike has some pretty cruel and yet funny humor, which is demonstrated in this quote from the series. This episode is called “Ryan VS. John Baker,” and the main focus of it is the relationship that Mike’s oldest daughter, Kristin, shares with the father of her son.

During this point in the series, Ryan is having some trouble finding work, which is putting a big strain on his relationship with Kristin. But on the other hand, things seem to be going very well for Kristin at her new job, which actually appears to make the situation a little bit worse.

7 The Only Time Men Should Be Dancin’ Is When Other Men Are Shootin’ At Their Feet.

Mike says this line in the very first episode of Last Man Standing. There are a lot of really interesting facts about some of the things that happen in the pilot episode for this series.

One great example of this is the fact that Mike tells a joke about his sisters. The creators must have changed their minds on whether or not Mike has sisters, since later episodes show that he only has one sibling, which is actually a brother. Another interesting fact is that actress Alexandra Krosney, who was the first actress to play Kristin, is actually younger than Molly Ephraim, who played Mandy on the show.

6 This Coming From The Guy Who Took One Look At Him And Left For Three Years.

Mike says this line in an episode called “Big Shots.” One of the main running jokes in the series is the fact that Ryan left Kristin when she had their baby, instead of sticking around and taking care of him. That doesn’t sound very funny, but this series has a way of making serious things a bit more humorous and lighthearted.

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In this episode, Ryan asks Mike if he is scared of a little boy, and Mike responds with that line. During this episode, Ryan and Kristin have a major discussion about whether or not their little one, Boyd, should get vaccinated.

5 Like Cars, Comes Out With A New Model Every Year, Got That New Kardashian Smell.

This is another line that is spoken in the episode called “Big Shots.” Vanessa says something about how she cannot believe that there is another new member of the Kardashian family, and Mike replies to her with this line.

This is actually pretty funny because it does seem as though the Kardashians, as well as the Jenners, are always adding to their families. Kim Kardashian-West is a good example, since she now is the matriarch of a family of six. She shares four children with her husband, rapper Kanye West. Her children’s names are North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm West.

4 Thanks For Voting, Come Again But Not Today Because That Would Be Illegal, Come Again Next Time We Elect Things.

Mandy has said a lot of hilarious lines throughout the show, and this is one of her best ones. She said this line in the fourth season of the show during an episode called “School Merger.”

During this episode, a couple of the characters discuss the fact that their local high school might be merging with another school in the future. The importance of voting is talked about in this episode, and Mandy helps out when people are voting at her high school. As people vote, Mandy catches herself telling them to come back, which she knows they can’t do, because they are only allowed to legally vote on this topic once.

3 I Suppose You Have Never Seen Ryan Dance Before. If You Had, Then I Wouldn’t Have A Nephew.

Mandy says this line in the fifth episode of the second season of Last Man Standing, which is called “Mother Fracker.” There is a lot going on in this episode. This one focuses a lot on the relationship between Vanessa and the youngest Baxter daughter, Eve.

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Vanessa gives a talk to the students at the school Eve goes to, and that is when Eve finds out about what her mom’s career focuses on. This makes Eve angry, which puts some stress on her bond with her mother. Mike wants Eve to apologize, but instead, she ends up sleeping outside of the house for a bit.

2 I Could Sell Rice To An Eskimo

Ed seems to think that he is a pretty good salesman, and that is when he says this line to Mandy. But the thing that makes it funny is that Ed has it all wrong. The old saying is supposed to claim that a person who is good at selling things could sell ice to an Eskimo.

The joke is that they already have plenty of ice, but Ed does not understand that. When Mandy points this out, Ed thinks that idea is silly. He asks why an Eskimo would need anymore ice when they already have lots of it, showing that he has totally missed the point of that saying.

1 I Know All About The World. I Was Already In It While You Were Still Busy Ruining Mom’s Body

During the fourth season of this series, there is an episode called “Sinkhole,” and that is when Mandy says this line to Eve. The conversations are between Mandy and Eve are almost always very comical, and this one is no different.

Mandy is not exactly the sharpest character on the show, and Eve is always trying to put Mandy’s lack of intelligence on display for everyone to laugh at. But Mandy can sometimes see what she is up to, and she is usually able to get in a few jokes of her own. Mandy is poking fun at the fact that she was born before Eve.

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