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Earlier this year, fans of the television drama Supernatural were pretty sad to find out that the show will be coming to an end soon. Since the final episode is no longer very far away, it is nice to sit back and look at some of the best moments the series has brought to its’ viewers so far.

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This series has been on television for a long time, and it has had some seriously creepy (and sometimes, sad) moments, but there have also been some funny scenes as well. Who could forget that time when Dean screamed when he saw a cat?

There is humor all throughout the series, even though the subject of each episode is usually spooky and dark. Here are some of the funniest lines from the series.

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10 We Going To Fight Or Make Out, ‘Cause I’m Getting Some Real Mixed Signals

Dean says this line in an episode of Supernatural that is called “Devil May Care.” During this part of the episode, he and another character are having a rather interesting moment, and he cannot tell whether the other character wants to kiss or fight him, so he asks. That is probably a question lots of viewers were also wondering about during that moment, so hearing Dean say it out loud is kind of funny.

The rest of the episode is really interesting as well. Dean and Sam are holding Crowley hostage at the moment, and they have to inform one of the other characters of that.

9 Well Dear, If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Stay Out Of Hell

Rowena is probably not one of the best characters on this show, but she certainly has some lines that fit the moment so well that they are actually humorous, and this is one of them. During a certain point in an episode called “O Brother, Where Art Thou?,” she and Sam are having a conversation.

Sam makes it pretty clear that he believes that God is not going to help them out, and that is when Rowena says this line, which is both honest and humorous at the same time. The entire series is basically about Heaven and Hell, which makes this even funnier.

8 Good God, No. The Whole FBI Pantsuit Look? Not My Hex Bag…

Full Quote:

Good God, No. The Whole FBI Pantsuit Look? Not My Hex Bag. But If You Get Lucifer Cornered And Find Yourself In Need, I’m There.

Some people are a little bit bitter when a relationship of theirs ends, and Rowena is one of them, and this line that she says in the third episode of season twelve shows that. Rowena is not always the most reliable character in the series, but there are times when she does not mind stepping in to help the Winchesters.

That is especially true if she thinks that she will benefit from it in some way. Things did not work out between her and Lucifer, which left her with a very bitter feeling towards him afterward. She said this line in an episode called “The Foundry.”

7 Boy, Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, And One Homicide. This Place Is Gonna Sell Like Hotcakes

Dean Winchester says some of the funniest lines in the series, and this line is one that he says in the episode called “Family Remains.” Fans of 13 Reasons Why will likely enjoy this episode a lot since one of the lead stars from in it.

Actor Dylan Minnette has a part in this episode. His character is named Danny Carter. The episode is focused on a haunted house and a family that plans to move into it. The Winchesters come into the picture because they try to stop them from doing it. Seeing a young Dylan in this episode makes it even more fun to watch.

6 Dean, They Basically Outlawed 90 Percent Of Your Personality

Dean likes to have a lot of fun, and that is why Sam says this line to him during the episode “99 Problems,” which is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of the series. Throughout the series, Dean is a pretty wild guy, so he is a poor fit for a place that does not allow visitors to gamble, engage in adult activities before marriage, or consume alcohol.

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Since those are all things that Dean enjoys, Sam points out the fact that Dean will basically not be allowed to be himself while they are there. Dean is the brother that usually gets all of the funny lines, but Sam does a pretty decent job of delivering this one.

5 You’re Either Laughing Because You’re Scared Or You’re Laughing Because You’re Stupid

This line comes from the episode “Death’s Door.” The subject matter of this one is pretty sad, so the one humorous quote was welcomed with open arms by the fans.

During this episode, Bobby Singer is having to come face-to-face with one of his most depressing memories, which is not something anyone would want to do. To make things a little sadder, he is also dying. Fortunately, Dean lightens the mood a bit when he speaks this line to another one of the characters because he sees them laughing.

4 Just A Couple Hours Ago, I Killed Death. I’m Pretty Much Open For Anything

In this episode, Dean talks about the fact that nothing will ever be as challenging as killing Death. For those who do not know, Death is an actual character on the show. That would be a very hard thing to do, but it seems as though nothing is too hard for a Winchester to accomplish, especially when it comes to Sam and Dean.

This episode solely focuses on what happened after the two of them freed Death, which allowed the character to go wherever they pleased on Earth. The title of this episode is “Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire.”

3 Were You Ever Nice?

This is one of Bobby’s lines in the eleventh season of the series. Fans probably thought that Bobby would not be seen again after he passed away, but nothing seems to be too strange or difficult for a show like Supernatural to tackle.

Bobby is actually seen a lot after he dies earlier on in the series, even if sometimes that is because he is in some flashback scenes.

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In this episode, Bobby asks one of the other characters, Rufus Turner, if he ever had a moment during which he was actually nice to someone. Rufus responds by saying that he was nice back in 1985, and then he claimed that it was the most unenjoyable year he ever had.

2 Mom! You’ve Got To Stop Drowning Me In Holy Water Every Time I Go Out!

In “A Little Slice Of Kevin,” Kevin says this to his mother. Both Kevin and his mom go through a lot during their time on this show, so the fact that she uses holy water on him does not seem all that crazy when everything is taken into consideration.

That is just his mom’s way of being a good mother, which is probably something lots of parents everywhere can really relate to. But they can also probably relate to having a bit of an overprotective parent themselves, which is why this line is kind of funny. Kevin and Linda (his mother) really brought a lot to the show.

1 What You Guys Call The Apocalypse, I Used To Call Sunday Dinner

Gabriel has some very funny lines throughout Supernatural, and this is no different. This is probably something that some of the fans have quoted after they saw this episode, as many people know what it is like to live with an interesting and unique family.

Gabriel says this line to another character in an episode that is called “Changing Channels,” which is a part of the eighth episode of season five. This one is a lot of fun to watch, which is partially due to the fact that there are some serious continuity errors in it. One of them occurs when a bag suddenly disappears, only to reappear shortly afterward.

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