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The Rock remains one of the most beloved wrestlers in the history of the wrestling industry. Fans fell in love with Rock during his run in the Attitude Era; a heel turn allowed him to showcase his charisma with some of the most memorable promos ever. The Rock would coin quite a few catch phrases that fans still sing along with if he’s around to cut a promo. There were also many tremendous one-liners that worked perfectly against his target at the time.

We will look at the funniest quotes ever to come from Rock during his WWE career. They range from the catch phrases everyone knows to the one-liners that still spark a reaction all these years later. Find out just which comments from the People’s Champion stand the test of time. These are the top ten funniest quotes from The Rock in his WWE career.

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10 “Know your role and shut your mouth”

The first quote highlighted is one of the catch phrases that The Rock has used countless times. Many of the promos from Rock featured him trying to shut down an opposing wrestler during the battle of wits. Rock would drop this quote to flat out tell his opponent to shut his mouth.

Wrestlers like Steve Austin, Triple H and Kurt Angle were just a handful of the targets. The catch phrase become popular quickly with fans joining in when he recited it. It didn’t matter if he was a face or heel as the quote was too enjoyable for the crowd to not take part in.

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9 “You’re throwing The Rock out? No wonder WCW went out of business.”

The Rock returned to his hometown of Miami, Florida in 2004 for an episode of Raw during Eric Bischoff’s time running the show. Randy Orton was the target of Rock this time around as the two engaged in a back and forth promo until Bischoff stepped in.

Bischoff demanded security escort Rock away from the show which made little sense given his star power. The Rock made sure to reference that by taking a shot at Bischoff’s decision-making skills that played a huge role in WCW going out of business.


8 “I’ll be sure to come back when the Lakers beat the Kings in May.”

Sports references have always been normal for heel characters to get easy hate from the crowd. However, The Rock took this to another level with some of his one-liners truly inciting them. One specific quote stands out from Rock’s concert performance in Sacramento.

Rock referenced the rivalry between the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers by making note of the history of the Lakers winning every time they faced off in the playoffs. It was arguably the greatest sports reference in wrestling history which became a top tier quote in his career.

7 “I did it for The Rock. I did it for the people. Ahh shut your mouth, you thong wearing fatty!”

The short-lived heel turn of Rikishi in 2000 featured him revealing he ran over Steve Austin with a car. Rikishi’s explanation was that he did it to make sure his relative The Rock was the one to move to the top of the card with Austin outside of the picture.

Rock did not appreciate it which led to him feuding with Rikishi for a few months. The memorable quote from this time featured Rock delivering a hilarious and insulting impression of Rikishi. Fans in the live crowd reacted loudly with the fans at home also finding entertainment from the joke.


6 “Excuse The Rock for one second, his cell phone is going off. Hello? Hey it’s nothing. He says he knows you!”

The Rock’s heel run in 2003 gave him another chance to go as far as he wanted with his comedy. A highly entertaining second tier feud with The Hurricane on Raw gave us some memorable segments. One of them came when Rock ran down Helms for believing he was a superhero.

The egotistical nature of Rock allowed him to flat out refer to Helms as nothing with comedic moments describing his feelings of the situations. Helms would ultimately get his revenge by defeating Rock with the help of Steve Austin. Many wrestlers in Rock’s spot would not have put Helms over, but he had no problem with it.

5 “Okay class, what is 2+2? Do you know Booker T? Oh yeah, I know that, it’s Thomas Jefferson sucka!”

The promo war between The Rock and Chris Jericho vs Stephanie McMahon, Booker T and Rhyno created must-see television on Raw in 2001. Rock and Jericho are still considered the two best icons at having great catch phrases and dropping hilarious one-liners.

Booker T was involved in a Summerslam feud with Rock which led to The Great One delivering some classic lines. The quote calling out Booker’s intelligence and use of the word “sucka” led to the audience losing it at the hilarity from The Rock.

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4 “The Undertaker with his Mickey Mouse tattoos and his 33 pound head”

The Undertaker was not the easiest wrestler to make fun of in promos. Most of the comedic wrestlers would never get the chance to have a real feud with him. The Rock luckily did not stray away from his game when facing the legend.

This quote featured Rock making fun of the many tattoos of Undertaker along with the size of his head. Rock and Undertaker had underrated chemistry that featured a few impressive matches together and a short run as tag team champions.

3 “Who in the blue hell are you?”

No one could have expected a quote like this to get over so strongly, but the magic of The Rock made it work. Rock often talked down to his opponents by questioning who they were in the grand scheme of things in the WWE landscape.

The question of “Who in the blue hell are you?” made fans laugh and it got over enough for Rock to continue using it. Rock even started slowing down his delivery so fans could join in and chant along with him as he made fun of his many opponents.


2 “You run around here looking like a big, fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles!”

The Rock’s return to WWE in 2011 to start his two-year long feud with John Cena showed he could still deliver his style of comedy in the PG element. WWE gave Rock more freedom to push the envelope, and he certainly enjoyed making fun of Cena.

This quote about the colorful shirts and hats of Cena making him look like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles made the fans laugh. Chants of “Fruity Pebbles” would follow Cena on and off for about a year. Cena ended getting an endorsement deal with Fruity Pebbles, so he had to thank Rock for that one.

1 “It doesn’t matter what your name is”

The classic line of “It doesn’t matter what your name is” is the one that stands out as The Rock’s funniest quote. Rock started doing it in the late 90s and it still delivers results as impressive as the first time he delivered.

The first memorable use of this quote came when Rock impersonated God answering Billy Gunn’s prayers by not even knowing his name. Rock continued using it with the perfect set-up of it coming out of nowhere. The timing of Rock sets up the opposing wrestler perfectly to get interrupted when Rock reveals he never cared what his name is.

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